Katie Wadey

Katie has had a varied career starting in accountancy at Arthur Andersen, and moving into a variety of Commercial and Customer roles across different industries. The common theme has been a relentless focus on understanding what customers want and need, be that as Commercial Director – Services at British Gas, Customer Experience Director at Tesco and Chief Customer Officer at LV.

Katie has spent almost six years in insurance before moving into the world of Health and Wellness at Holland and Barrett where she was responsible for getting a Women’s health app and a gut health proposition to market, as well as starting to offer diagnostic testing in all stores.

Katie joined Simplyhealth in 2022 as its Chief Product and Commercial Officer. Katie is passionate about customers and improving access to health care for all in the UK. She is instrumental in leading Simplyhealth’s journey to being product led and developing a stream of innovative digital health solutions that will allow people easy and affordable access to healthcare services.

Katie is a mum of three young kids, and has three additional Non Exec responsibilities as a NED of Capital and Regional Plc and a trustee of Transform Housing.
In her spare time, Katie loves playing with the kids, skiing, cycling and getting muddy in the woods.

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